Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Photos, Ramona Rizky

Hot photos of Beautiful, young and smart girl. Name Ramona Rizky soon will adorn the big screen in the country. Through his first appearance in a horror movie, Mona, the girl born in Lampung was usually called, dare to come with the lingerie section. Shhh ... he even claimed to be ready bed action!

But, do not tell me-tell her parents. Because, Mona just tell them that he will play in a horror film titled '13 Cara Memanggil Setan '.

"Just wait and angry surprised if (parents) know fit the movie already come out," Mona told.

As a new artist, Mona appears it is ready with all the risks and challenges to be faced. Including, matters relating to the association out there.

"I've often heard many negative if the entertainment world. I can only pray and keep yourself not to be involved in a vicious circle such as drugs and others," he said.

Mona did not dismiss if he liked the world of clubbing, which is close to drugs and such. However, for she was only natural as far as can still maintain themselves.

"I think hell just to be fair for entertainment, at least two times a week," said 24-year-old who admitted that he had known since high school evening entertainment in the city of his birth.

"If the first time the school still does like to hide-hide. But fitting already graduated high school, new parents openly together," recalls Mona who claims to be safe at night with the world association.

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