Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melinda Dee hot photo collection

Melinda Dee hot photo collection
This collection of photographs gathered from Melinda's camera. Melinda MD style in the photographs scattered in cyberspace today glamorous, luxurious and classy. Because, MD brings an international image of Citibank as the bank top.

It seems clear, how glamorous style, luxurious and classy MD in dressing. In addition to the model that most of the clothes worn by celebrities or the sophisticated, Melinda also often changing her hair-dressing model.

In one photograph MD performed with straight jet black hair, but in other photos MD tambil with curly black hair. Then in different photos, MD performed with straight blond hair and curls.

Alleged MD, a top Indonesian socialites can be seen from the background setting of outstanding photographs. Visible, the photos were taken at home, hotel or place mewah.Sosialita is the term to refer to the upper class social community (high class society) are very exclusive and not accessible by anyone.

Since the police arrested this week, now MD could no longer socialize with his fellow top sociality. Friday (03/24/2011) The police official suspected of committing burglary announced MD Citibank customer funds amounted to Rp17 billion.

In launching its action, MD do not own. He conspired with the initials D colleagues who served as a Citibank teller. Presumably there are other Citibank employees who participate conspired with the MD.

Police mengofirmasi that the original name is Inong Melinda MD, but in cyberspace written Malinda Dee.

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