Friday, March 18, 2011

PHOTOS, Jennifer kurniawan wear Kebaya

Jennifer kurniawan wear Kebaya. Kebaya full detail sequins and dangling with a long tail make users have to put extra energy, even for professionals like Jennifer Kurniawan capital.

Poor across the world model was still remains difficult for Jennifer Kurniawan in bringing fashion. Moreover, any clothing that has a level of difficulty of each, so that required special skills in some. No wonder Jennifer Kurniawan class models still have problems even when wearing a dress.

This was acknowledged when Irfan Bachdim lover, Jennifer opportunity to bring traditional Indonesian wedding dress.

"Kebaya is different from other fashion which tend to be mild. Clothing is proved to be more severe than when I wear jeans or shorts. Moreover, the hairstyle of a bun like this increasingly heavy burden," he said at a press conference session Bidakara Wedding Expo to-6 held at the Rose Restaurant, Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta, Friday (03/18/2011).

However, Jennifer admitted pleased with the opportunity. "This is my first chance, but I am very happy to wear it,"concludes Jennifer.

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