Sunday, March 27, 2011

PHOTOS, Pasha and Adelia finally married

Pasha "Ungu" and AdeliaWilhelmina finally married,officially become husband and wife. Today they perform the ceremony at Batununggal Graha Indah, Jalan Indah IX Batununggal No. 2, Stone Fruit Bandung, West Java.

Pasha wedding procession and Adelia Wilhelmina starts at 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 pm. Pasha arrived driving a silver sedan Jaguar D 88 GF greeted with a traditional tambourine and strings musliman salawat. Earlier at 08.00 am, Adelia came mendendarai sedan black toyota D 383 IN.

Vocalist full name Sigit Syamsudin Said Sulawesi birth was accompanied by his father and mother, and leader of the groom's delivery, members of the House of Representatives Commission IV Murad Natsir.

"We here beg permission to meet public needs that we have agreed together," Murad said in handing over the groom's procession to the bride, Sunday (03/27/2011).

Representatives of the bride, Sujati Rakhmat welcomed the handover of the procession. Sujati, which represents parents Adeline and Yuliya Yancey Ferry Rahmah said it received Pasha "Ungu" with pleasure.

After that, the mother of Adelia draping garland to the Pasha. Then the bridal party entered the building to perform a wedding procession.

During the procession of the ceremony, former Jakarta governor Sutiyoso was asked to witness the bride and groom. At that time, Pasha voice sounded loud and fluent reading consent granted.

"I thank Adeline Wilhelmina married and her wedding dowry paid with cash," said Pasha.

Pasha dowry given a set of tools Prayer, 27 grams of gold, and money of 99 euros

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