Monday, March 21, 2011

Qaddafi Son Reported Killed

Qaddafi Son Reported Killed
This issue spread after yesterday, coalition forces opened fire on a housing complex Qaddafi. Colonel Qaddafi has great shocks that are personal, on Monday, when a son allegedly killed by a suicide air attacks on barracks.

Khamis (27), which handles the dreaded Thursday Brigade and prominent in his role when attacked rebel-held territory, is said to die on Saturday night. An air force pilots have been menabrakan Libyan fighter jets to the Bab al-Aziziya complex in Tripoli in a kamikaze attack, Algerian television reported following a claim that can not be diverikasi by media organizations anti-Qaddafi.

Khamis allegedly died of burns in hospital. However, the Libyan regime has denied the report. It is said, died Thursday in the same complex as the RAF hit by cruise missiles fired at coalition forces Sunday night.

The loyalists Qaddafi has been photographed with background background fraction of missiles hit buildings in the compound all day yesterday and there is no information about the existence of Qaddafi. Libyan Government television said 64 people were killed in the attack at the weekend, which caused friction between the West and the Arab world. However, the British Defense Ministry said it was not aware of any civilian casualties.

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