Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW, Ghost dressed in white in Malang

Ghost dressed in white in Malang
Amazing...Residents of Malang, East Java, excited by the appearance of a strange figure in the region Blimbing, Malang. The figure emerged when a citizen take picture toddler in her home.

Jamiyati, picture taker, said he did not intentionally take the figure of a white-robed beings with similar figures of warriors with long and curly hair.

Told reporters tell, then he would take pictures of his daughter named Savira Diah Pratiwi (13 months) beginning approximately January 2011 and then, on Tuesday (22/03/2011). Shooting was done was in the side rear door.

But the new Jamiyati aware of these figures on three days ago. According Jumiati, this event is the first time this has happened in her neighborhood.

No doubt the appearance of strange creatures who allegedly ghost makes a number of these couples neighboring tantrum. Some residents believe the picture is a magical creature who lives in the house.

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