Sunday, April 3, 2011

Earthquake in Cilacap 7,1 richter

Still remembered the 9.0 Richter earthquake in Japan. now back in the world shaken by a great earthquake 7.1 Richter, this time in Cilacap. 7.1 earthquake on the Richter Scale that rocked of Cilacap, Central Java, on Monday morning was up to Jakarta and surrounding areas. Earthquake shocks are felt especially those who were in a high rise building in Jakarta and take place in about two minutes.

Meanwhile in the city of Cilacap, residents began to pack the local plaza. Executive Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency Cilacap District, Wasi Arias could not be contacted related earthquake.

The quake, felt well until Sukabumi, West Java. "I felt the quake while accompanying her husband to watch the ball in the living room, suddenly there was a vibration that fast but not long enough, and the chandelier was moving," said the residents of Kampung Benteng Kidul, Castle Village, District Warudoyong, Sukabumi, Antoni (31).

Dina adds, he even had time panicking worried that aftershocks and the house collapsed due to earthquake. Meanwhile, the information obtained from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) mentioning Sukabumi district until it had not received reports of damage caused by the quake.

In addition, it is currently awaiting a report from the monitoring and implementation of disaster management unit (Satlak PB) in the area. Information from the Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) said the quake occurred at 293 km southwest of Cilacap or 10:01 latitude and 107.69 east with kekutan SR 7.1 with a depth of 10 km a potential tsunami.

Or 293 kilometers southwest of Cilacap, Central Java, 303 Southwest kilometeri Tasikmalaya, West Java, 306 kilometers southwest of Ciamis, West Java, 334 kilometers southwest of Purwokerto, Central Java, and 437 kilometers southeast of Jakarta

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