Sunday, April 3, 2011

NEW, Blackberry Monaco release in April 2011

New Product Research in Motion's BlackBerry (RIM) is a BlackBerry Monaco / Monza leaked on the Internet. This touch-screen smartphone marketed globally with a GSM network.

This product uses the BlackBerry operating system 6.1. Interestingly, every BlackBerry user needs identification to get into the system.

Indeed, this concept sounds familiar to some users. Instead of using your PIN, each user has a BlackBerry ID that can be used to take advantage of cloud computing facilities for back-up and repair data. Identity can also be used to share information phone contacts, replace the handset and more.

Even so, the BlackBerry operating system 6.1 looks similar to the BlackBerry 6.0, although some analysts still feel surprised that RIM has not been disclosed.

RIM BlackBerry Monaco is rumored to release this, Aprli 2011, together with the presence of the BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Touch Touch 2.

Have not launched yet this news has leaked about the BlackBerry among gadget lovers.

However, speckle exactly when this Blackberry will arrive in Indonesia.

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