Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now, We Can Display our Images in Gmail

Can Display our Images in Gmail.
Google had been providing a variety of interesting themes or themes to choose from Gmail. But if there is a theme that is felt not quite satisfactory, Google is now allowing pengunanya be creative to create your own themes. Then just click, a theme that can be displayed as a backgroundin the email .

Reported by PC World and quoted on Friday (15/04/2011), using a photo from Picasa account for example, the user can set the main display area and footer Gmail page.

The trick was quite easy, click 'Options' on the button on the right side of the display Gmail, select the 'Mail Settings' then 'Themes' and then scroll down to the last option and select 'Create Your Own Theme'.

After that, just follow the directions to select a photo from Picasa or upload anything else, then customize the text and background color. Depending on the selected image, you may need to play around with the color of text to set for a particular section can be read.

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