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photos, incident Valentino Rossi hit Casey Stoner in Moto GP 2011

Incident, Valentino Rossi hit Casey Stoner in Moto GP
Valentino Rossi claims that he was not about to overtake Casey Stoner, in the incident which later led to both falling from the motor.

Rossi started the race at Jerez on Sunday (04/03/2011), from position 12. With good speed, the Ducati rider had successfully passed a number of other drivers although stuck behind Stoner who was in second position.

At a bend to the right, Rossi was later seen picking up speed until menyejajari Stoner, who is on the left. Rossi then fell off and go take along the Honda rider.

Who see the situation clearly thought that Rossi fell after failing to pass Stoner, who then become victims. Though Rossi himself said he did not want to go through these rivals.

"When I got behind Stoner, I'm not going through it at the moment of braking," explained Rossi in Autosport.

"But I braked a bit late than himself, and I arrived too fast and did not have enough space to go on the outside so I tried to get into the inside to minimize the problem for both of us, but unfortunately I lost motor control of the front and I join him fall, "continued the Italian racer.

As a result of the incident, Stoner must be out of the race, while Rossi could again drove and scored. Feeling guilty, was immediately after the race Rossi apologized to Stoner.

"That's all my fault and I have to apologize to Casey. I know she is very angry because he did not make any mistakes," said Rossi.

The process of apology itself - which can not be separated from the media spotlight - was quite odd. Rossi did not mention his helmet off while Stoner, Rossi after asking the shoulder, say, a desire Rossi had exceeded his abilities.

Responding to comments that a bit cynical, the primary class world champion seven times that did not give a damn because they know Stoner would still be emotional.

"I do not know, maybe he did not know who I am! But never mind, fair enough really, he is definitely angry and I would feel so well."

"I made a mistake and very important for me to apologize. I'm not interested in what he says," Rossi straightforward.

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