Friday, April 1, 2011

Prediction, Bigmatch derby Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Bigmatch prediction Inter Milan vs AC Milan
Serie A will be re-entered the fight fierce counter-team shirts Inter Milan AC Milan  April 2, 2011.Who would win?

This match will certainly take place on both sides was fierce article after victory in order to strengthen the position at the top. Interestingly victory in this match is not determined from the technical side alone, but also external factors that support the conditions and atmosphere the game.

It is no secret that feud between two clubs from Milan is not only happening antarpemain, but has spread to his fanatical supporters of each club.

In order to defend their favorite team, the fans of both clubs are known to have high loyalty, and vocals while providing support when it was in the stadium. Atmosphere is a frequent kinds of external factors behind the victory, which were recorded for each team.

However, not just the fans who do that, but also to the ranks of both clubs. From the President of the club to coach each other to spread psywar just before the match.

This was done in hopes of dropping her opponent before the match mentally. Because that's how they can achieve victory over his opponent.

For the winner in this game is not only determined by how many star players who have since on paper the two teams shared a list of star players with skill qualified.

Therefore, the victory will be more inclined owned by a team capable of mastering the atmosphere and the most advantaged by the external factors mentioned above.

NOTE: Last Five Matches:

14/11/2010 Inter Milan 0-1 AC Milan

01/24/2010 Inter Milan 2-0 AC Milan

08/29/2009 AC Milan 0-4 Inter Milan

15/02/2009 Inter Milan 2-1 AC Milan

28/09/2008 AC Milan 1-0 Inter Milan

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