Friday, April 8, 2011

Vicky Vette claimed to send email to members of the House Arifinto

Vicky Vette claimed to send email to members of the House Arifinto.
Vicky Vette hot movie star admitted sending an email containing the hot image to the members of the House of Representatives PKS Faction Arifinto who yesterday captured, was watching videos hot during the House plenary session.

In booms on Twitte* this morning, hot star from Norway said that he had sent an email with a picture with no clothes on her the most heat.

"I am super happy That Mr. Arifinto got an email ..... I sent my uterus my best pictures:)," said Vicky Vette in her account @ vickyvett on Twitte*, at 7:24 pm, Saturday (9 / 4 / 2011).

Not only that, Vicky Vette also greeted the activists Twitte* in Indonesia with the Indonesian language. 45-year-old hot stars that say good morning to add emotico.

Actually, not just this time, Vicky Vette prattling about Indonesia. At the time of the Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring campaigned aggressively blocking heat content, Vicky Vette ever commented in Twitte* account

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