Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video, magnetic mountain in Purwokerto

Video, magnetic mountain in PurwokertoNatural phenomenon re-emerged, this time a magnetic mountain or hill is famous for its strong magnetic Medina magnetic attraction that can draw a car. Similarly, in Navan, the hill was also featured.

Local residents also believe the magnets that draw the car. However, experts claim the car was moving not because of magnetic attraction, but these cars are on the road to decline, not rise.

In contrast, the video of Medina, when there is a bus that was turned off and are on a flat surface, the bus itself attracted by magnetic force. Drivers do not need to turn on the engine because the car can walk on his own thanks to this bizarre style.

Magnetic hill appears most in the United States (U.S.), including Alaska, Alabama, California, Florida and others. However, some U.S. sources claim, the magnetic hill is just an optical illusion, although often accompanied by claims of a magnetic field or even a supernatural force

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