Sunday, May 8, 2011

43 billion for Pippa middleton to play "adult movie"

43 billion for Pippa Middleton to play "adult movie"
Pippa Middleton. After his brother became assistant at the Royal Wedding, Pippa immediately offered 43 billion to play adult movies. Wow!

Pippa was so attracted public attention with her ​​beauty when the accompanying Kate Middleton at the Royal Wedding. Especially a few days later, photographs of naughty women born 6 September 1983 was spread on the internet.

Beauty and 'delinquency' Pippa as to attract interest in a adult film company, Vivi d Entertainment. Vivi d Parties also broadcast a letter to the younger brother of The Duchess of Cambridge was on May 6, 2011.

As reported by TMZ, Monday (09/05/2011) the contents of the letter as a request to Pippa to play in a adult movie that will be produced. Letters written by Vivi d owner Steve Hirsch was also to include the amount of money that will to pay Pippa.

Money amounting to Rp 43 billion will be paid to Pippa if he was willing to accept the offer. Pippa even free to choose her lover in the film.

Not only that, Vivid also offers Pippa to play with his younger brother, James Middleton. Vivid will provide USD 8.5 billion fortune when his brother was willing.

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