Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anang-Ashanty Will Marry When Umrah?

Anang and Ashanty increasingly intimate. Even the word got out that they are planning for Umrah pilgrimage in the holy land of Mecca. Not only that, they both mentioned will be married there. Really?

When confirmed, a widower with two children were soon dismissed such rumors. According to him the news that mentions that he will marry only when umra mere figment. "We do not want to get married there but want to worship," press Anang after filling 'Dahsyat' music program.

Apart from the gossip married in Mecca, Anang admitted happy together Ashanty Umrah pilgrimage, which has become her lover.

According to him, this time of Umrah together Ashanty planned well in advance. "Thank God we do plan to walk. His prayer we can always healthy, his career could go on because this is our main career," said Anang.

When was left for Umrah? "When this umra again would have been prepared. hopefully smoothly," said Anang.

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