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Hot photos, Chantal Della Concetta tattoos

Hot photos, Chantal Della Concetta tattoos

In addition to highlight the fantastic body parts in the magazine, Chantal also looked confident to show his tattoos. Reportedly, Chantal currently has five tattoos on his body.

"Picture my tattoos are pictures of people who have been supporting me. For example Boen, call the father in the near right ankle, while Atje, mama call near my left ankle, "he said.

Presenter famous one private television station Metro TV, Chantal Della Concetta have a unique way of expressing his love to people nearby. This television news presenter on the father and mother's name tattooed on your right foot and left. "Yes, tattoos on his right foot inscription 'Boen', and on the left there is the word 'Atje'. That's a nickname my father and mother, "he said.

Courage to "doodle" permanent body was done since I was in high school. So, do not be surprised if there are other tattoo image. "There is another one at the nape of the neck, then on the right arm and left," he said, pointing to body parts that dirajah. For example, both arms, was home to scratch the name of two hearts, and Mazel Nathaniel Trevor Peach.

Chantal was born to the couple Gunawan Budi Gandasasmita Kelvin and Shirley, was the second of three brothers. Chantal in French it means singing. Della whereas in Latin it means good-hearted, and Concetta in Italian it means pure.

Chantal spent his childhood in Bandung to college majoring in International Relations at the University of Parahyangan force 1998. Graduated from college in 2003 with a GPA of 3.1 Chantal was immediately joined by Metro TV.

On Metro TV, Chantal opportunity to bring various programs with different characters, ranging from the regular news, morning talk shows to dialogue.

Some programs that has been performed by Chantal is Your Voice, Public Corner, Headline News, Breakfast Club, Metro Morning, Afternoon Metro, and Metro Night.

After nearly four years of service on Metro TV, in 2007, Chantal joined the RCTI. In this television station, Chantal carries the highest rating program, namely Seputar Indonesia.

In the same year, Seputar Indonesia get the Panasonic Award for Favorite News Program.

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