Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hot photos, Syahrini kissing

Exciting photos of similar Syahrini and her sister Aisyahrani appeared on the internet. Who make a scene, there are images like the singer Barry Manilow and VJ Daniel Mananta in the photo kissing lips.
Syahrini latter did not go over into the fray. Not yet finished the case with Anang Hermansyah, Syahrini even exposed a new problem with the spread of exciting photographs on the internet.

But that increase the excitement in the photo, there are images like the famous singer Barry Manilow. In the photo man wearing a hat and sweater-like Barry Manilow middle affectionate embrace similar Syahrini woman in a room.

in addition to photo-like Syahrini and Barry Manilow, also still have three exciting photo-like Syahrini and her sister, Aisyahrani.

In one photograph, for example, women who are similar to Syahrini was lying on the bed. With minimal wear blue, the pose of the woman looks very tempting.

In another photo, drawing a pair of men and women who were kissing lips. And the woman is very similar to Aisyahrani.

Meanwhile, another image, like a woman dressed in white Syahrini middle embraced three men, laughing merrily.

But when try to be confirmed on the photographs, which is a sister as well Aisyahrani Syahrini not answered her phone manager.

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