Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photos Megan Fox, toples as an angel

Megan Fox appeared undress in one movie scene was filmed Mitch Glazer. At the scene, 25-year-old actress was seen widened its wings and dressed only in white shorts.
In the film, Megan collided with actor Mickey Rourke's acting a role as a jazz musician, Nate Granzini. The story, Nate fell in love on Lily who turned out to be an angel.

'Passion Play' premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2010. However, the film will not be playing in theaters. 'Passion Play' will only be released in DVD format.

Mitch Glazer reveal the DVD version of 'Passion Play' will be very different from the version that played in Toronto. According to sources, Mitch rush to play at the festival even though the movie is still in the editing process.

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