Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video incident, Ajax trophy fell when the parade

Video incident, Ajax trophy fell when the parade
Remember the incident during the fall of trophy King Real Madrid's victory parade? Now a similar incident occurred again, this time hit the Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam.
open this link .......http://youtu.be/sqrrzWN8WKQ
Is the main Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg who dropped the trophy is obtained with difficulty that Ajax. In the matter caught the ball, Dutch goalkeeper was Jagonya. However, Stekelenburg was not nimble enough to secure the trophy Eredivisi from the roof of the bus.

According to Reuters report, that moment occurred at the time of the Ajax players and officials paraded around the city of Amsterdam by bus, on Monday (05/16/2011) local time. Then, accidentally dropped the trophy Eredivisi Stekelenburg from the roof of the bus.

In the video show in circulation, it appears that Stekelenburg did not realize that there is a cable that ran on the bus when he lifted the trophy to the top. Finally, the trophy was on cable and fell.

The townspeople who witnessed the incident directly torn hearty laugh. In fact, there is an audience who dared to take the trophy of the fallen, and then brought ran along the road. Luckily, the police finally managed to snatch back the trophy that only seven returned to Ajax's headquarters.

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