Monday, June 20, 2011

Firefox 5 release tomorrow | 21 june 2011

Good news, Firefox 5 release, features several new capabilities. While Firefox 6 is in preparation. You can start downloading tomorrow June 21, 2011. After launched and celebrated around the world last April, Mozilla Firefox 4 browser primadonna as an increasingly popular and more people.

While some say looks close to Google Chrome, but Firefox is not completed satisfied in version 4.

Mozilla says that today they have completed the Firefox 5. The latest version of Firefox which is a renewal of the 4 she works faster.

In Firefox 5 is reportedly going to have a transition CSS, compatible with HTML5, providing a Canvas mode, and there are features of privacy advocates, the option Do Not Track.

Improvements other than on speed, which is on the display background, renewal WebGL, check spelling, the whole network, and memory usage. Firefox 5 can also be integrated with Linux.

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