Thursday, June 30, 2011

g+ from google | social networking

Google+ or g+ is the answer to the dominance of the internet giant Facebook, the world's most popular networking site. Google+ is an attempt to freshen up social networking (jejaring sosial) on mobile devices and web.

This feature allows users of social networking to share the things they like, to a certain circle of friends. So, users can categorize their contacts into groups as needed. It is a bit like features 'list' on Facebook.

Sparks is a place where we can classify the content available on the internet, to then be distributed to our friends. For example subject-subject photography, social media, or anything that will appear in the timeline. We can give +1 to the content. This feature is a kind of news-feed that can be customized.

As the name implies, this is a feature taken from a video group collectively Circles. In it, users can perform video conferencing like Skype or Windows Live.

Google+ access can be done from anywhere via our cell phones. Inside there are features such as instant upload, create a group plan, multiple conversations, and so on.

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