Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot AIKO Hantu Pulau 3 | photo

Model and actress hot Aiko (Aiko Sarwo Sri Isra) claimed no problem wearing a swimsuit when acting a scene in the movie Pulau Hantu 3. All she is doing for the totality of roles.

The film director is Jose Purnomo, Aiko look hot with a bandage swimsuit.
"I have a hot scene, but I was a professional, because that's acting must be total," said Aiko when found in the FX Plaza, Senayan, South Jakarta, on Saturday (11 / 6).

Actress birth in Medan, North Sumatra, 6 May 1989, said that despite the bold look hot, but it has its own limitations.
"If limited disposable swimsuit is still okay, but I have a limit if the jar so I do not want to think it is too open," she explained.

As a woman who still bleeding Java-Japan, the owner's real name Aiko Sarwo Sri Isra admits she still holds the traditional oriental.

"If you paid seems not least, I do not want that just sell doang sensation," she said.
"I see comments family first, if not open-aperture eg yes really okay," she continued

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