Monday, June 13, 2011

Lee Min Ho had a car accident | photo

Popular Korean actor Lee Min Ho is the unfortunate yesterday, he suffered injuries severe enough, involved a car accident when it was undergoing filming of SBS drama series which he starred, CITY HUNTER.

"June 13, 2011 around 3:30 pm, a car crash which resulted in severe damage to the vehicle on the set of CITY HUNTER Ilsan near the lake. Fortunately, Lee Min Ho did not experience significant injury even though the front of the car hit with a hard and water bags open, "said one representative of the late actor.

In addition, the pictures that show how severe the accident is also uploaded. From the photo the front of the car carrying Lee Min Ho looks completely destroyed.

Also reported after the incident Lee Min Ho hurriedly rushed to the hospital. In addition, a staff that was involved an accident is also being treated in hospital,

"After the accident, Lee Min Ho was taken to the hospital and go home at 6 pm, he had undergone tests whether suffering from severe injuries. Filming this drama totally stopped and waited for further developments will be resumed at any time," said their representative.

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