Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Car, Mercedes Benz SMART FORTWO Indonesia | small and agile

New Mercedes-Benz ForTwo Indonesa
Small car, the Smart ForTwo from Mercedes-Benz group, not only suitable as an urban car or activities in urban centers. 1,000 cc-engined car with posture: length 2695 mm, width 1559, height 1542 mm and can only be boarded by two men, proved too powerful to travel. This car is perfect in a jam situation.

With a tiny size - and incidentally to the attention of other road usage - Smart drivers can take advantage of escape more quickly than other vehicles that are larger in size. If not, could any longer be on the road.
Automatic Transmission
Motorists also feel more secure from leg fatigue. Because, with 5-speed automatic transmission, driver's only play on the accelerator and brake. Just choose the mode "ECO" or turn it off.

With the ECO model, when the machine will stop long enough to die. This not only be felt by the vibration of the machine is lost, the tachometer in front of the car down to position "0". However, to turn the machine back or road, the driver, stayed stepped on the gas! The Tiny is too sophisticated way. In this way, the fuel consumption can be diirit. Compensation, power and engine response is reduced.

When the ECO on-off-her, the engine became more responsive and powerful. Gear change occurs at the maximum rotation, 5800 rpm. Achieved in relatively quick time. However, if you want to move teeth faster, the driver can use a "paddle shifter" on the steering wheel or pushing back and forth (+ and -). It can also be used to "engine brake"! So, when you are in severe congestion, the Smart is not a hassle! In fact, the most fade to maneuver than other cars.

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