Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OMG, Kate Middleton was plastic surgery | photos fact

OMG, Kate Middleton was plastic surgery. Who would have thought if some of the beauty and the beauty that is owned by Prince William's beloved wife was operating results.

Based on excerpts from a magazine published by American-owned beauty facial skin of 'The Princess' on cosmetic options from the cosmetics company in Switzerland.

She gave her best on her wedding day with her ​​plastic surgery at a cost of U.S. $ 150,000 is quite fantastic.

Kate is very confident he will be sought after photographer and all women will examine in detail his face. In addition she also wants to give the impression of a modern, glamorous and facial treatments that make the appearance look fresh and young.

Not just faces, she also had a makeover other parts such as breasts, larger buttocks, hips, botox injections are also veneered teeth. To perform this operation, she had to disappear for a while from the public.

Just look for example, Kate's latest photos are circulating on the Internet also gives the difference from before. In 2006 her eye bags seem obvious, but now tidakkelihatan again.

Changes in the teeth also indicate a veneer. She also appeared enlarged chest before she attended a fashion show on campus.

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