Sunday, June 26, 2011

OMG...Video Ruyati execution (pancung) | video

Ruyati beheading (pancung) video
Ruyati families, workers who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia claimed not to know of any execution video allegedly taken from a news Ruyati PressTV. The video was widely circulated on the Internet site Youtub, in Suka Tani, Monday. Youtub Ruyati with "Pemancungan Ruyati" video title, duration 1:03 minutes

Kurniati said he has not seen the video. Previously it had seen a show at one of the national private television, but he had no idea if the video is his mother.

"Astagfirullahaladzim, had no idea until my mother video circulating on the internet. It has no feelings," Evi said with a sad voice.

Besides Video, Evi also said it is not seen photographs that allegedly executed after beheading Ruyati circulating on the internet is also rife.

Evi said it would soon find out videos and photos on the internet through the help of relatives. He wanted to see the final seconds before her mother was beheaded.

"I'll soon find out. Thanks for the information," said Evi.

Video seconds of execution allegedly circulating in Youtub Ruyati with Ruyati beheading video title, duration 1:03 minutes. The video was taken from the impressions PresTV, and uploaded by someone using the name Faham83 on Sunday.

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