Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Suzuki R3 very cool and sporty 2011 | photos car and price

Suzuki will launch a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) new. Suzuki named R3 / R III. its claimed as Avanza killer. Prices Suzuki R3 will be priced below Rp 150 million ( 150 juta rupiah) per unit. Suzuki Cold R3 rival Xenia and Avanza, which dominate sales in the middle class.

Reportedly the model will use the platform of the Suzuki Concept R3 which was first exhibited in India, earlier this year. The plan, this prototype will go to Indonesia for the first time and showcased at the International Indonesia Motor Show 2010, the end of July.

Suzuki Concept R3 is very modern and aerodynamic, with a price less than Rp. 150 million, Suzuki R3 will not compete with Xenia and Avanza telebih first success. We'll see the concept :

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