Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Video penalty kick from Awana Diab | video

Goalkeeper Lebanon was a victim players Arab Emirates in a friendly match last Sunday (7/17/2011). Besides being a barn goals, he is also a spectacular break-out penalty. Awana Diab appointed as executor of the penalty kick twelve fit.

UAE challenge ahead of Lebanon in preparation for World Cup qualifying round 2 2014. The hosts capable of throwing his guests 6-2. But of concern is the final goal state's super-rich.

Already ahead 5-2, the UAE get a penalty in the 78th minute. Awana Diab appointed as executor of the kick twelve fit.

Interestingly, when I want to kick the ball Diab turned around and tried to kick off backheel or using the heel. The kick is rolling slowly Lebanon goalkeeper can not be anticipated a dead step.

However, according to Dirty Tackle, UAE coach, Srecko Katanec, is not impressed with 'penati magic' and immediately pulled out Diab.

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