Thursday, July 28, 2011

Final score, INDONESIA 4 vs TURKMENISTAN 3 | hasil

Indonesia vs Turkmenistan score (hasil) 4-3 for INDONESIA.
Indonesia managed to break through the wicket Turkmenistan, Christian Gonzales. striker from Persib Bandung stood in front of goal when welcoming a cross from the right wing that provided M. Ilham. 1-0 to Indonesia.

If the first goal scored take advantage of crossing from the right wing who sent M. Ilham header, this time goal scored by Gonzales, Boaz Solossa welcomes cross from the left wing. Indonesia winning 2-0.

before the minutes last minute Nasuha score a goal, pushed forward through feedback from Boaz, from outside the penalty box curved Nasuha fired without being able to anticipate Turkmenistan goalkeeper managed to break the wicket, the score 3-0 to Indonesia.

Turkmenistan goal scored from a corner kick, which, incidentally is just about back Indonesia  towards goal and the goal position occurs 3-1

Beautiful goal from M Ridwan from Boas assist in 75" minutes. score 4-1 for Indonesia.

Red card for Bahtiyar from Turkmenistan, after he got second yellow card.

Goal again in 82"minute from Ferdy Turkmenistan, score 4-2 for Indonesia

Turkmenistan score again in minute 86",  score 4-3 for Indonesia
Final score 4-3 for INDONESIA


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