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Hot movies Marilyn Monroe

Snatch hot movies Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe has a lot of fans. Now, they are arguing about whether or not the film star's bed scene.
A collector from Spain, Mikel Barsa, claiming to have the original hot movie of Marilyn Monroe in the format of 8 mm. He said the film was about the bed scene Monroe who was then still under the class actress named Norma Jean Baker.

This claim is directly contradicted by Scott Fortner, a collector and expert in everything that smells of Monroe. Fortner said the woman in the film was very different from Monroe. "The chin, lips and teeth are different. (She) looked heavier and not sefeminin Monroe, "he said.

What is believed Fortner, very strong. In a pile of his own memorabilia collection, there is a belt that proves that Marilyn was a small woman. "Marilyn was small. I am sure with this. I also have clothes. "

While Barsa not care. When interviewed a few days ago, he admitted that he wanted to dredge the U.S. $ 500 thousand for the hot black-and-white film that duration was 6.5 minutes. The film, based on the testimony Barsa, made before 1947, before the 21-year-old Monroe.

"Fans who tend to deny that romantic woman in the video that was Marilyn Monroe. They fabricated a story that people doubt this film, "Barsa said that declaring it was the original actor Monroe, before being discovered and 'faces made' American film studios.

If you notice, the woman's face is different from Monroe, known as the American star. However, a bit like Monroe in one of the first film, 'Love Happy' (1949). He was losing weight and adding a mole on his left cheek.

In addition to the copy in the format of 8 mm, Barsa could have the original copy in 16 mm format. Barsa admitted to not understand how two original copies it get in the hands of those who asked for his help to sell. However, he declined to identity the original seller.

As for the hot movies in the 1940s, continued Barsa, usually made with a camera 16 mm and 8 mm, simultaneously. The two formats that are widely used audience.

Films with a longer duration of this, he said, invented more than a decade ago. However, he was off to a European magazine in 1997, who then sell 600 thousand pieces of copy. Before the end, the other a collector buy a video of 16 mm from the magazine, costing U.S. $ 1.2 million.

Managing images and all things related to Monroe, Mark Roeslor of CMG Worldwide threatened to sue Barsa, after the initial version first appeared in 1997. However, Barsa said, no one talks anymore after the original owner of CMG offers to buy it.

Barsa is now planning his own bid for the film, on 7 August, in an exhibition of memorabilia collectors who he had a degree in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He hopes, there is great publicity as when he first screening the film in Madrid, in 1997.

His wish come true, because the fans are busy discussing Monroe on the internet. A number of movies or video clips, for many years, claimed to contain Monroe. This caused a long debate that has yet to work out.

"In Marilyn communities, many are debating this for years. More who believe that Marilyn was not in the movies it's hot, "Fortner said.

However, please note the face of an actress who died of an overdose of sleeping pills in 1962 it was changed after his fame. Monroe plastic surgery, learn how to show different expressions in modeling schools and add a pretty iconic in the left cheek.

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