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Profil, Djohar Arifin Hussein PSSI | biography

Profile Djohar Arifin Hussein. The election Djohar Arifin Hussein relieve parties who want a change in  PSSI. But it is clear that he expected the extra heavy duty lead and fix the Indonesian football is still in the chaotic-chaotic conditions.

Achievement is one thing that is required of the newly elected PSSI stewardship. And before realizing that hope has been piling up for homework completed. Work which clearly will not be easy and require support and supervision of all beings football ground water, including the fans in it.

Congratulations on duty, Prof. Dr. Ir Djohar Arifin Husin.

Profile Djohar Arifin Husin


Full Name: Prof. Dr. Ir Djohar Arifin Husin.
Place, Date of Birth: Tanjung Pura, 13 September 1950
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Lecturer Kopertis Region I DPK UISU
Last Position: Advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports
Marital Status: Married, one wife, 4 children, 3 grandchildren
Name of Wife: Marina Hutabarat
Hobbies: Sports Football, Tennis, Pool. Read

Special expertise: Agricultural Estates, Urban and Regional Planning


Doctorate (PhD) Field of Urban & Regional Planning, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.
Teaching Deed (Deed V) Open University, Indonesia
Bachelor of Agricultural Plantation (Ir) Faculty of Agriculture, USU, Medan.
Bachelor (BSc) Field Plantation, Faculty of Agriculture, USU, Medan.
Madrasah Low, Junior High, Senior High in Tanjung Pura, Langkat.
SD, SMP, SMA in Tanjung Pura, Langkat, North Sumatra


Exemplary Lecturer Awards National TKT, (Adihtya Tridharma Nugraha) 1985.
Sports Patrons Award North Sumatra, 2003.
Satya Badge of Service 20 years of civil servants.
Customary title of Serdang Sultanate of North Sumatra "Datuk Pandita Indra Wangsa" 2007.


PSL players Langkat 1968-1969
Players PSMS Medan 1973 - 1976
National and International Referee 1976 - 1987
Football Coach certified S3
Macht Inspector PSSI 1987
International Football Match Inspector 2003
National team manager PSSI Yr to Asian Championships in Bangkok, 1994
National team National Team Coach Students to POM ASEAN in Singapore, 1994
National team manager PSSI in order to test to Myanmar, 2003
National team manager PSSI Yr to ASEAN Championship in Vietnam, 2003
PSMS Medan referee Commission Chairman 1977-1980
Referee commission Komda PSSI chairman of North Sumatra 1981-1984
Deputy Secretary of North Sumatra 1984-1988 Komda PSSI
PSSI Secretary Komda North Sumatra 1988-1996
Vice Chairman of North Sumatra 1996-2000 Komda PSSI
Vice Chairman of Pengda Tae Kwon Do of North Sumatra 1994-1998
PSSI chairman Komda North Sumatra 2000-2004
Chief Executive of the KONI North Sumatra 2003
Head of Research and Development Center 2003 KONI
Secretary General of the Central Sports Committee 2003-2005
2003-2005 member of the Sea Games Federation
Vice President of The Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation 2005-2009
General Chairman of PB Sports Association Zulkarnaeh Indonesia
PB Chairman of All-Indonesia Association Taugh
Vice President of Sports Federation Sambo Asia
Sambo Association Chairman PB Indonesia

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