Monday, July 4, 2011

Zainuddin MZ died (meninggal dunia)

Innalillilahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. Zainuddin MZ Dai a million people (sejuta umat) died. Zainuddin died at the Central Pertamina Hospital (RSPP). One of his close friend Zainuddin, Zaenal Maarif justify it. He admitted that he heard the sad news of his friends.

"We got word from friends, Mr. Kiai was dead. But I do not know died because of illness or anything. Not to be detailed info," said Zainal Maarif

Zainal new claims will check into the family Zainuddin. "I was shocked. Later I checked first, he is now in hospital or at home.
Meanwhile one of the neighbors in the region Zainuddin Gandaria, South Jakarta said Kholilah, currently home Zainuddin has mourners crowded. However, Zainuddin bodies have not been brought to the funeral home.

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